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District Councillor's July 202 report

posted by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

For the latest report from Councillor Caroline Newton, please click on the link below

Beware of scams

posted 23 Jun 2020, 00:30 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

Oxfordshire County Council's Trading Standards department is running a Scam Awareness Fortnight to alert the public....please click on the link below for more details.

Bus 275 changes - A40 closed at Tetsworth

posted 22 Jun 2020, 01:30 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

From OCC:

Please find attached a copy of the shuttle bus service timetable which will be in operation during the closure of the A40 between Tetsworth and Postcombe.


Passengers for Oxford and/or High Wycombe can change at Lewknor for onward connections. Passengers for Oxford are also reminded that once the Oxford Tube re-starts they can use this service as well.

A40 Tetsworth embankment repair work

posted 18 Jun 2020, 01:03 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

Oxfordshire County Council highways have informed us that the A40 south of Tetsworth will be CLOSED for about 25 weeks from 22nd June 2020 for major repair work. Diversions will be in place.
For more details click on this link:


County Councillor's June 2020 report

posted 17 Jun 2020, 09:35 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

Please click on the link below for the latest from Cllr Steve Harrod.

Recycling - appeal to only put recyclables in green bins

posted 17 Jun 2020, 08:05 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

From South Oxfordshire District Council:

Thousands of residents have found their recycling bins unemptied each week because they have put the wrong things in them.

Putting non-recyclable items in recycling can contaminate a whole truckload, which is then rejected at the recycling facility. This turns neighbours’ recycling into rubbish and ultimately wastes energy and raw materials by removing these items from the recycling process.

Bin crews have stepped up monitoring of recycling bins in recent months as the lockdown has meant an increase in household waste, which has meant an increased risk of people putting the wrong items in recycling bins.

To remind residents about what can (and can’t) be recycled, South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse district councils have devised a new recycling quiz available here


During one week of recycling collections in the past month there were nearly 4,000 reports of wrong items found in recycling bins in South Oxfordshire. Bins found with incorrect items for recycling were left unemptied.

The vast majority were rejected because residents had put black or coloured bin bags into recycling bins. Crews cannot see what is in them and so won’t empty the bin. The next biggest category of rejections was because food was found in the green bin. Food contaminates recycling making it unrecyclable. Food can be collected in food bins and taken to a separate facility where it is transformed into electricity and fertiliser.

Textiles, like old T-shirts and odd socks are another reason for crews to leave recycling bins unemptied. Although both councils collect textiles for recycling at a different facility, they must be left in a tied carrier bag next to the green bin. Other non-recyclable items which are regularly found by bin crews in recycling bins are polystyrene, plastic toys, garden waste, electrical items, wood and nappies.

These items cannot be sorted at the recycling centres and shouldn’t be put in the recycling as they can contaminate a whole truckload of recycling.

Neighbourhood Plan consultation underway

posted 14 Jun 2020, 13:11 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

From the Neighbourhood Plan committee:

Local People - Local Plan


Have you completed your questionnaire about the draft Lewknor Parish Neighbourhood Plan?

Don’t have a questionnaire?

This is available at www.lewknorparishnp.org

District Councillor's June 2020 report

posted 8 Jun 2020, 01:04 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

Please click on the link below for the latest report from Cllr Caroline Newton.

School playground equipment - do not use

posted 4 Jun 2020, 06:27 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

The school playground equipment can no longer be used following its annual inspection.
So please do NOT let your children go near it.
Thank you.


posted 31 May 2020, 02:38 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

Please find attached the public notice for the annual audit of Lewknor Parish Council. 
The council has passed its internal audit and papers have now been submitted for the external audit. 
For further information please go to the Audit section of this website which can be found under The Parish Council tab.

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