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Developers' Housing Needs Survey

posted 13 Sep 2019, 11:42 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk   [ updated 14 Sep 2019, 03:13 ]

The parish council has just been told that residents in Lewknor parish are about to receive through the post a "Housing Needs Survey".
This is NOT a survey connected in any way with Lewknor's Neighbourhood Plan.
It comes from Tetlow King Planning on behalf of developers who are looking for sites to build new houses.
The letter with the survey tells residents that "it's important that you return the questionnaire".
Lewknor Parish Council would like to point out that it is entirely voluntary.

Give driving a miss for a day and be in with a chance to win a prize

posted 9 Sep 2019, 07:21 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

From South Oxfordshire District Council:

Sunday 22 September is World Car Free day and South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse district councils are offering drivers in the districts the chance to win a prize – if they give their vehicle a rest on that day.

World Car Free Day has been running for 25 years. Cities, towns and villages take the opportunity to raise awareness of air pollution and air quality by encouraging people to leave their cars at home for the day and choose alternative forms of transport.

Since Clean Air Day on 20 June both South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse district councils have been urging drivers to turn off their engines if they are stopped for a minute or more as part of their joint anti-idling campaign called Turn It Off. Now the councils are suggesting that drivers turn off their engines for a day!

If drivers in the districts pledge not to use their cars on World Car Free Day on 22 September and then tell the councils how they got around instead – on the train? bus? cycling? walking? kayaking? - they will be entered for a draw for travel vouchers worth £50.


People simply click on https://survey.southandvale.gov.uk/s/Worldcarfreeday/ and show (using words and photos) what they did on 22 September without their cars. Deadline for entries is 5pm Monday 30 September.

Neighbourhood Plan display: 15th September

posted 7 Sep 2019, 07:53 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

The Neighbourhood Planning group will have a display at the parish fete and show on Sunday 15 September. Come along to give your opinions on:

· Which views within the parish should be protected from potential development. The Neighbourhood Planning group has identified potential views that we think should be protected and we would like your opinion on these. 

· Which areas of land within the parish should be designated as Green Spaces and should therefore be protected from potential development. Again the Neighbourhood Planning group has identified potential sites and we would like your opinion on these.

Members of the steering group will be on hand to answer any questions and give you an update on what is currently going on and what is planned for the future.

Please visit our website www.lewknorparishnp.org 

County Councillor's September 2019 report

posted 4 Sep 2019, 08:40 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

Please click on the link below for the latest report from Councillor Steve Harrod.

Cancelled flights, lost luggage: CAB advice

posted 14 Aug 2019, 01:24 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

Citizens Advice Bureau has issued the following advice for people who have their flights cancelled or luggage lost. Please click on the link below.

Neighbourhood Watch Cybercrime Survey Launched

posted 8 Aug 2019, 00:34 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

From Neighbour Hood Watch

Help us understand the impact of cybercrime and be in with a chance to win £50 worth of M&S vouchers

Neighbourhood Watch has today launched a landmark new survey to understand the impact of cybercrime on communities across England and Wales.
Traditionally Neighbourhood Watch has been focused on keeping people safe in the places they live but with the advent of new technology, it’s clear people can be at their most vulnerable when they occupy online spaces.
Action Fraud, the national fraud and cybercrime reporting centre run by the City of London Police, revealed that last year cybercrime victims lost £28m to online criminals. It reports more than 12,000 cases of cybercrime every six months.
With the threat from online criminals only ever increasing, it is essential we understand the impact this type of crime has on members as well as their understanding and perception of cybercrime.
The survey, designed in conjunction with cybersecurity company Avast, takes just 10 minutes to complete and one lucky responder will be in with a chance to win £50 worth of Marks and Spencer vouchers.
The survey can be completed via the following link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/nw_cybercrime

It would be great if you could share the survey with other Neighbourhood Watch members particularly those who have been victims of cybercrime.

This news story on our website can be shared with friends, family and neighbours or on your social media profiles: https://www.ourwatch.org.uk/landmark-cybercrime-survey-launched/

Kindest regards,
Central Support Team,
Neighbourhood Watch Network

Free Pop-Up Business School

posted 6 Aug 2019, 09:28 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

This autumn, the South and Vale Business Support Team will bring the free five-day PopUp Business School to Shrivenham for people looking to start and/or expand their own business without using any money.


Each day from 7-11 October, the PopUp Business School will be held at the Viscountess Barrington’s Memorial Hall, from 10am to 3pm, to give practical advice on how to get a business idea off the ground through a series of hands-on workshops.


The informal workshops help give people the vital skills they need to help them make money doing what they love, and everyone is welcome to attend all week or just turn up to the workshops they feel are most useful. 


People can register to attend the Shrivenham PopUp Business School via https://www.popupbusinessschool.co.uk/shrivenham.html    

Residents: please confirm your details!

posted 6 Aug 2019, 03:01 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

This comes from South Oxfordshire District Council:

This August every home in South Oxfordshire and the Vale of White Horse will receive a yellow letter (a ‘Household Enquiry Form’) requiring residents to confirm everyone over the age of 16 who lives in their property.

When the arrives, simply visit householdresponse.com/southandvale to confirm that your details are correct or, if not, provide the correct information.  You will need the 2-part code on the front of your yellow letter to do this.

South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils need this information to make sure everyone who is eligible to vote is able to do so in future elections, including the Police and Crime Commissioner elections in May 2020.

Anyone who doesn’t have access to the internet can confirm their details by completing and returning the form that comes with the letter in the reply paid envelope.  If your details are correct you can confirm this by phone or text – the details required for this are included on the yellow letter.

Important - by law, each household must confirm their details, even if they are correct.  Anyone who fails to do so could be fined up to £1,000.

CIL update

posted 25 Jul 2019, 07:59 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

As has been mentioned in Grapevine before, Lewknor parish has received more than £31,000 in Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)  which is a charge that local authorities can set on new developments in order to raise money to help fund infrastructure, facilities and services. There is more to come, with a total of around £44,000. It must be spent within 5 years.

There are rules as to what the money can be used for. This is the summary:

A range of infrastructure, including transport, flood defences, schools, hospitals and other health and social care facilities, play areas, parks and green spaces, cultural and sports facilities. It is intended to focus on the provision of new infrastructure and should not be used to remedy pre-existing deficiencies in infrastructure provision unless those deficiencies will be made more severe by new development. The levy can be used to increase the capacity of existing infrastructure or to repair failing existing infrastructure, if that is necessary to support development.

So far, the suggestions Lewknor Parish Council has received from residents are:

·        upgrading the village hall playground

·        improving the school playground

·        improving/creating footpaths in the parish, one specifically from Barley Close to the church/school

·        improving the entrance to Lewknor village

·        installing more benches around the parish

·        using the field at the top of Watlington Road (where the 40 houses were proposed) for a community recreation area. This suggestion has been firmly rejected by the owners of the land.

Councillors are still happy to receive other suggestions; or comments on these. There have not been any specific suggestions for Postcombe or South Weston. So if you have any ideas, please email: lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk

The parish council is investigating all suggestions and plans to have proposals to be discussed by all residents at next May's Annual Parish Meeting.

Thank you.

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