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Broadband - have your say!

posted 3 Dec 2018, 03:57 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk


The Parish Council is acutely aware that access to Broadband varies considerably throughout the Parish.  The speeds available vary between nearly 40 Mb per second in some areas whereas others are barely getting 1 Mb per second at times.  The Government has delegated responsibility to the County Council to ensure that 98% of the county has access to a high speed connection.  The definition, generally, of high speed should be a minimum of 40+Mb per second but the maximum is not specified.  So far Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) and Openreach, the independent arm of BT who are the installers of the fibre optic cables necessary to give us all this high speed service, have made a big thing about how everywhere has been upgraded but very few of us, if any, are getting the sort of fast service we need.

I am the member of the council who has responsibility for making the County Council aware of our concerns and for ensuring that we keep pushing them to improve the service.  In a recent meeting there was a glimmer of hope that we might be able to change things for the better but I will need your help please.

I need to gather information on how slowly your Broadband works.

To do this you need to go to either your BT account or the account provider if you are not with BT for your Broadband.  Every provider has a SPEED TEST facility.  Test your Broadband speed and then e-mail the result together with your post code to me on duncanB.Broadband@gmail.com

I will collate all the returns to produce a map of what speed is achieved in each post code area of the Parish, forward the results to OCC and will let you know via Grapevine how we get on persuading OCC to listen to our dissatisfaction.


Cllr Duncan Boulton
Lewknor Parish Councillor with Broadband Responsibility