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Police Alert: Vehicle Crime At Beauty Spots

posted 16 Jul 2019, 06:09 by lewknorparish@hotmail.co.uk
This time of year often sees more people making the most of the South and Vale’s beauty spots. Unfortunately, we also see an increase in thefts from vehicles.

We will be increasing patrols in these areas and putting out signage to remind people not to leave anything in their vehicles when they are out walking.

Please think about what you need to take with you when leaving your house. Leave it at home if you don’t need it. When you get to the beauty spot location take everything with you on your walk if possible. Even a jacket left in the back of a car can tempt thieves to see if there is anything in the pocket.

Wipe away any suction marks from sat-navs and double check that your vehicle is locked.

Enjoy the nice weather and remember to take a few simple steps to reduce the risk of becoming a victim of this crime.